Snow and ice causes problems for motorist

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – While all the snow we received looked beautiful by turning our area into a winter wonderland,it also created some dangerous conditions on the road.  

Aside from the news about the snowfall, things were relatively quiet in chattanooga.

But around  5 A.M., that all changed in the 4800 block of Hixson Pike.

Chattanooga police reportedly pulled up to a  truck that went off the road and crashed into a fence. The driver was still inside.

"He checked his pulse; didn’t have a pulse. The paramedics were right on top of him and they pronounced him dead," said Sgt. Gary Martin.

Investigators say it didn’t look like the crash is what killed the driver.

Hours later and less than 200 feet from the scene of the fatality; two more mishaps caused by snow and ice. One of them involved a tractor trailer.

"Coming up on the on-ramp, the ramp is banked. As I got near the top, the trailer just slid. It was ice under the snow. So the trailer just slid off the road," said truck driver Preston Lee.

"I was doing fine on Highway 153. It was nice and clean and Hixson Pike is nice and clean but this on-ramp between the two just messed me up a little bit," said Rachel Gleeson. Her vehicle along with the tractor trailer driven by Lee got stuck in snow and ice.

Without a doubt, mother nature had a significant impact on road travel.

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