Snow conditions in the Tennessee Valley

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – In the Tennessee Valley, we saw an elevation snow overnight.

While sleet, heavy rain and strong winds brought down power lines all over the area, the snow mainly affected the mountains around Chattanooga.

Most of the road issues coming out from Walden Ridge and the Signal Mountain, Montlake, and Flat Top mountain were treacherous this morning.

The crews have been working on some of these road closures as early as 2-3 AM when the snow was coming down.

Hamilton county emergency management is asking people to report any trees or power lines down so they can get those cleared.

Nick Wilson with Emergency Management says, “The W road and Roberts Mill. They’re experiencing a lot of power lines and trees down on those areas. Grub road, 5900 Browntown rd, and the 4700 block of Mountain Creek rd, the Cherokee blvd tunnels are closed, and the 1500 block of Cash Canyon.”

HCEM says the highway patrol did put out snow plows this morning so they will continue to clear roads out in the higher elevations.

Monteagle Mountain does have snow on the ground, but interstates to Nashville and Knoxville are clear.


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