Snow Storm on Monteagle

MONTEAGLE, Tenn. (WDEF)- TDOT and public work crews continue to clear the roadways following an overnight winter storm that coated Monteagle and its respective counties.

 “So basically what we’re dealing with are some frozen roadways” said Grundy Co. Sheriff Clint Shrum.

 “I drove down yesterday from Central Illinois” said truck driver Janice Terrick. “Really rough. Going slow, like 35 miles per hour on the interstate.”

 While on going flurries are keeping many people inside, some jobs require folks to be out on the road.

 “I just left Chattanooga this morning. It’s been okay so far but it’s worst as I’m heading north” said Terrick.

 Sandra Terrill tells News 12 about her concerns as freezing temperatures continue throughout the day.

 “There’s a lot of older people that live in areas on this mountain and retirement communities” said Terrill. “I think they’re especially effect if the power goes out.”

 While the city of Monteagle along with Marion and Grundy Counties have not reported any additional power outages at this time, Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum fears what may occur if temperatures stay below freezing.

 “What we’re dealing with today a going to carry over to tomorrow” said Sheriff Shrum. “So we got a tough few days ahead of us.”

 No traffic accidents have been reported in Monteagle.

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