Social media groups hunt for Georgia vaccination appoinments

DALTON, Ga. (WDEF)- As the vaccine roll out continues there are several social media groups that are assisting people who can’t seem to find an appointment.

There are at least two Facebook groups that have helped thousands of Georgians sign up for vaccinations.

Most COVID-19 vaccination sign ups are online and that can cause issues for seniors and others that might not have access to the internet.

Linley Teras made the Georgia Vaccine Appointment Help group when her parents needed help signing up for an appointment.

“I discovered that even with those that are in the 70 and up category who use computers every day and use cell phones were still finding it so overwhelming to navigate these appointment systems”, says Teras.

Now, the group has more than 18,000 members.

Teras says, “Over 17,000 people have joined our Facebook group. We have ten moderators who are checking it daily and then we have a group of about 20 to 25 volunteers who help people book appointments one-on-one each day.”

Georgia COVID Vaccination Appointment helps people who meet eligibility requirements.

But, what about those who want a shot but aren’t eligible?

Ashley Chen and his wife Alicia created the Facebook group Georgia Vaccine Hunters.

Their group started as a way for people to know about vaccine waste lists across the state.

Ashley Chen says, “Every day, I see multiple, multiple posts about people who have gone and put their names on no-waste lists around the state and somebody called them and said ‘hey can you get down here in 20 minutes or an hour, whatever it is.”

Their group has over 9,000 members and over 10 volunteers to help people get on a regular vaccine lists or a waste list.

Some of their volunteers will even drive people to their appointments that they book.

“A lot of the people in metro Atlanta are driving out quite far and early on in the group when Mississippi and Alabama had more lenient I guess, or more expansive eligibility criteria, some people in our group were driving six or seven hours to Mississippi to get vaccinated and then driving back”, adds Chen.

If you need help booking a vaccination appointment, you can message either group on Facebook and they will have a volunteer assist you.

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