Soddy Daisy High School Seniors Roll Out in Style

SODDY DAISY, Tenn. (WDEF)- Soddy Daisy’s High School Graduation being cancelled did not stop their seniors from rolling out in style.

Students celebrated their academic accomplishment by rolling through the city in parade fashion.

“We are doing a senior ride because we don’t even know if we’re going to get a graduation but me and my mom got together and thought it would be a great idea to let them come together -decorate their cars and get the whole town there to support the seniors” said mother of a 2020 graduate and parade organizer Tristy Baliles.

“Waive as they drive by and it’s pretty much their last ride to the high school” said Baliles.

“I’m really excited about today because we’ve lost a lot of stuff. Our graduation was supposed to be yesterday so it’s really great that the community is coming together at this time of a global pandemic to try and make up for what we’re losing this year” said 2020 graduate Levi Jones.

“It really shows that our city cares about how it’s effected us and how our year got cut short. Today we can see everybody and just be together” said 2020 Graduate Jayla Rodgers.

“Today means to me just hanging out with friends and remembers our last years together and not to make this a negative event but positive event even though this is very different for us” said 2020 graduate Sarah McCampbell.

“We don’t know if we’re going to see each other again. We don’t know how our graduation is going to plan out so this is really special for all of us” said 2020 graduate Mystelle Moseley.

“It’s really sentimental to us so we kind of have the last ride to school with our friends so it’s really good to see everyone again, make memories and it’s a better ending compared to how it actually ended” said 2020 graduate Lacie Randolph.

“Since graduation stuff got held back it means a lot because we finally get to come together even if we are a little distant and we can all be together and celebrate that we’re graduating” Sid 2020 graduate Breanna Williams.

“It’s just another day for all the seniors to get together and celebrate together one last time before -if we graduate” said 2020 graduate Landen Reece.

“You know everybody gets together at least one more time. We don’t know when graduation really is so you know just being to go through the town and show that we’re graduating and having the whole town support -it just feels good to have that support with us” said 2020 graduate Mason Chambers.

“I just want to say congratulations to our seniors! 2020!” Said Baliles.

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