Soddy Daisy High School students try out THP “Teens and Trucks” driving simulator

Soddy Daisy, TN (WDEF) – The Tennessee Highway Patrol’s Teens and Trucks driving simulator is parked at Soddy Daisy High School this week.

The true to life video game teaches new drivers how to successfully share the roads and interstates with big-rig trucks.

Danny Gilbert is the Principal Soddy Daisy High School. He explained, “The Tennessee Highway Patrol providing us some real-life activities for the students where they get an idea of some driving simulators and avoiding crashes and it’s just an all-around education for the students.”

Even though Soddy Daisy High School stopped offering driver’s education, Principal Gilbert still wants to make sure he’s got a school of safe drivers.

Sgt. Alan Bailey of the Tennessee Highway Patrol said, “It teaches kids, or new drivers, how to drive around tractor-trailers. That’s the ultimate goal are the reason for that. But we also have scenarios with driving, distracted driving and the move-over law.”

Wade Peterson is a sophomore at SDHS. He said, “It’s a good learning experience. Not all kids drive as cautious, until they get a life-changing experience. It takes something to make you act right. And it just teaches you to focus more on driving.”

The Nashville-based ‘Teens and Trucks’ simulator teaches the drivers to make real-world decisions, complete with vibrating seats if they get into a crash.

Sgt. Bailey added, “In each scenario they can actually make it through there without crashing, if they make the right decisions, and we would rather them learn here on this driving simulator as opposed to learning in real life about driving.”

It’s all about safety.

Monica Baker serves as the Highway Safety Coordinator for the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department. She said, “Any time that we can give kids hands-on activities, that’s what they respond to and enjoy and appreciate and remember.”

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