Soddy Daisy Names Wrestling Arena For Former Coach Steve Henry

Soddy Daisy, TN-(WDEF) Soddy Daisy has to be one of the few high school wrestling teams that has their own arena. They have the school’s old round gym all to themselves. And last week, Soddy Daisy named the arena in honor of former coach and current athletic director Steve Henry, who racked up over 500 wins and seven state titles. Henry has also been in charge of the maintenance on the old brick gym for so many years.
Said Henry: “It was built in the 60’s. The was really the new gym for the old high school at that time. When we changed schools and moved to the new high school, we really didn’t have a place to wrestle. Coach Goss, who was the wrestling coach at East Ridge at that time, said, ‘Hey, what did they do with that old round building at the old high school?’. I said, ‘I don’t know if they’ve done anything with it.” He said, ‘That’s where I’d go.’ Salvaged a lot of our bleachers from the old McCallie school when they tore that down. That clock right there came from McCallie. I look at those chin-up bars up there. One of my wrestlers, Roger Smith, made those. We’ve had some roof issues that we’ve had to address, so Coach Higgins and I got up on the roof ourselves. We had bats one time but we took care of that.”
Reporter: “How did you know what to do about the bats?”
Henry: “I checked with some of our science teachers. Ms. Levi, she knows all of that kind of stuff.”
Reporter: “It’s just got that old school feel.”
Henry: “It does, but it doesn’t stink. But it does smell like smell like wrestling. We had Turkey when they were here for the World Cup. They practiced up here. I had video set up, thinking I was really gonna get some good stuff, and they wanted to play basketball, so I had to go find cranks to get the goals down just so those guys could play. I was a little disappointed.”
Reporter: “When they mentioned that they were gonna name this arena after you, what were your initial thoughts?”
Henry: “My initial thought was, ‘You’ve gotta be kidding me.’ I appreciate it. It’s humbling. I have a lot of respect and there’s a place in my heart for it.”

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