How ‘Songlorious’ Keeps Musicians’ Careers Alive

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- From guitarists, to singers, and every musician in between, the founders of ‘Songlorious’ use their platform to offer customers personalized original music through the talents of artists from across the country.

“As musicians we know that it’s hard to make money off music in the first place” said co-founder of ‘Songlorious’ Omayya Atout.

Co-found Ellen Atout says ‘Songlorious’ can provide an original piece for any occasion.

“Birthday songs. Anniversaries. We’ve done some tempering songs, proposals. Anything you name it.”

Carlos Rising graduated from Lee University in Cleveland Tennessee and has played music since he was 12 years old. The now full time artist began to financially struggle soon after the covid-19 pandemic.

“All my gigs were getting cancelled. My wife lost her job” says Rising.

Looking for a way to pay the bills, Rising crossed paths with the music platform.

“I had a college professor reach out to about this opportunity with Songlorious”says Rising.

After getting in touch with Omayya and Ellen, Rising began creating original music through Songlorious’ platform.

A decision that became instrumental to his newfound success.

“It honestly has been a life saver for me not just so I can keep doing music full time but because I’m also able to pay the bills and able to do what I live” says Rising. “I love writing. I love recording. I love recording.”

Below is a link to the ‘Songlorious’ website:


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