South Pittsburg administrator responds to Mayor’s resignation

SOUTH PITTSBURG, Tennessee (WDEF) – South Pittsburg City Government may have lost a mayor, but the city was open for business today.

Mayor Virgil Holder abruptly resigned his job on Wednesday.

But the man he blames for the city’s problems is moving on.

News 12’s Taylor Bishop speaks with city administrator Gene Vess.

“Surprised, not really expecting it but no big secret there has been some division of the board for several months”

In a somewhat surprising move Wednesday, Mayor Virgil Holder announced his resignation as Mayor of South Pittsburg.

“I’d receive notice yesterday that the Mayor had resigned. I happened to be off from work yesterday, so i was not able to read the letter until this morning”

Holder resigned by sending out a two page letter to the local paper titled “The Citizen’s of South Pittsburg”

“I just wish him the best of luck”

City Administrator Gene Vess says Holder was at at odds on policy and budget issues.

“That form of government says that no one person onboard has any more authority than another. So to make a decision it makes all five members of the board to vote. I actually work and report to the board, so no one single individual”

The Vice Mayor will now take the place of Mayor Holder, but now that leaves an opening for the District two commisioners which will be voted on July 9th.

“At eight o’clock this morning City Hall opened for business just like it did, and it will open again in the morning at eight o’clock and we’re gonna keep moving forward.

Reporting in South Pittsburg, Taylor Bishop News 12 Now

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