Southern Adventist University installs a Coronavirus killing air filtration system

COOLEGEDALE, Tenn (WDEF) – Many Schools across the country are preparing to welcome students back to school this fall.

But what are they doing to keep their students safe and school clean?

Southern Adventist University has unveiled a unique system that they believe will help stop the spread of the coronavirus. 

The university has installed a Coronavirus killing air filtration system.

The system uses bipolar ionization technology which works by launching microscopic particles into the air that attack viruses including influenza and the coronavirus. 

“What it does is that it is attracted to ,whether it’s positive or negative, to particulates, allergens, or mold. What it does is that it loads up on them , they fall to the ground or they are sucked into the filtration system of that HVAC equipment,” says Marty Hamilton, Associate Vice President For Financial Administration.

Hospitals and other universities across the country are already using these systems.

Though more research needs to be done, some studies show that these systems can kill up to 99 percent of the airborne Coronavirus particles. 

School officials say when students walk back onto campus this fall of 2020 each building including the dorms will be fitted with the new air system.

Every device is sized to perfectly fit each of the buildings on campus to make sure the correct amount of ions are going in. 

“We care about their lives and their health. This equipment helps us fight even the common flu, colds, or bacteria in the air. That’s what our big incentive was to invest in this newer technology,” says Hamilton.

In addition, the school is also following all other CDC recommendations  including masks in the classroom, hand sanitizing stations, and social distancing.

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