Southern states rank worst for mental health care

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Florida rank among the worst states for mental health care in the U.S.

A study by Forbes indicated that Tennessee ranks #9, Florida ranks #5, Georgia ranks #4 and Alabama ranks #3.

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(Courtesy: MGN)

The worst two ranking states were Texas and Mississippi, respectively.

A Forbes Advisor stated that Alabama has the second highest percentage of uninsured adults with a mental illness. They also have the third lowest number of mental health treatment centers in the nation.

Georgia has the second highest percentage of adults with a cognitive disability, who cannot afford to see a doctor.

Georgia and Florida are tied having the second highest percent of adults with a mental illness, who have not received treatment.

Additionally, Florida has the sixth highest percent of uninsured adults with a mental illness.

All of this is according to the Forbes study.

The Forbes Advisor added that at least 50 million Americans have a mental illness. And 55% of those Americans do not get treatment.

They state that some reasons are high costs, too few treatment centers and lack of health insurance coverage.

However, these states are not the highest rates of mental illness.

The five states with highest rates include Montana, Oregon, Idaho, North Dakota and Wyoming.

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