Special Traffic Operations Plan

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Chattanooga police announced a new plan to get drivers to slow down, and try and save lives.
It’s called STOP.
That stands for Special Traffic Operations Plan.
Officers on traffic patrol will be working with neighborhood officers across the city to save lives.
Lt. Adrian Gibb of the Chattanooga Police Department says the city needs to tackle the problem.
“Last year we had 14,912 crashes, 2036 of them were with injuries. Okay, this year we are already at 6 fatalities, compared to 2 last year. And we are already at 2,396 crashes year to date, with 395 injury crashes. Okay, that’s way, way too many.”
The city has identified more than 30 different locations across the city with high crash rates.
Some of those locations include Holtzclaw and 3rd Avenue, Brainerd and Moore roads, and Bonny Oaks and I-75.
Police say writing tickets is not the goal.
Instead, Lt. Gibb says the program is designed to get people to slow down.
“Most people will tell you I would never pull a gun out and point it at somebody and shoot it. Okay, but when you’re driving at 85 miles an hour down the highway with your phone in your hand, you’re essentially holding a gun in your hand.”
The new campaign will look for people speeding, following too closely, and reckless driving.
Police will also be looking for people driving distracted, and texting and driving.

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