Spikes convicted of sexual assault of 13 year old in Walker County

The was his second conviction, after a court ordered a new trial in the first one

LAFAYETTE, Georgia (WDEF) – A man was found guilty this week of the rape and molestation of a 13 year old girl in Walker County.

The abuses happened in May of 2017.

Prosecutors say Charles James Spikes was living with his girlfriend and her teenage sons in a LaFayette apartment complex.

The victim was one of a number of teens hanging out around the apartment on that day.

But when the others wandered off, she was left alone with Spikes.

Several witnesses said he had been “touchy and handy” with the girl.

And a friend of the victim testified that she left when Spikes started touching her and putting his hand on her thigh.

Prosecutors say, when the others left, Spikes pulled the underage girl into a bathroom and locked the door.

They say he then forced her to perform oral sex on him and then raped her.

The victim’s mother testified that she went from a happy, popular child and top athlete, to a girl who abandoned her friendships and stayed at home.  She says her daughter has never really come back.

Spikes was tried and found guilty of the rape in 2018, but a court through out the verdict on a legal technicality over how the judge cleared the courtroom so the victim could testify.

So she had to endure this second trial.

District Attorney Arnt stated, “Hopefully, the fact that two juries have now heard and believed in the victim, will help her begin the journey to get her life back.”

After the verdict this week, the victim’s mother issued this statement:


1,641 days later we finally can put closure 

“To a life changing event that occurred. With the help of Mr. Chris Arnt and the ladies from the sexual assault facility out of Fort Oglethorpe, GA.  As a parent you never expect anything like this to happen to you or your children.  My daughter and I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to represent us, not only once but twice because of the retrial. As we sat and watched Mr. Arnt fight for justice day after day, as the emotions and fears of reliving the horrific incident occurred, we never sat alone. He never gave up hope nor let us. They say angels walk amongst us and I truly believe that. They walk amongst us in our small town of Walker County and they hold up justice where justice needs to be served. Thank you all so much for hard work and dedication.” 

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