Spring City residents welcome eclipse visitors

SPRING CITY, Tenn. (WDEF) — As hotels are booking up in Spring City, some residents are opening up their yards to eclipse out of towners.

Renting a little space to park and stay in some what of an eclipse tailgate fashion.

“This will track the sun during the eclipse and the cameras are going to both be video,” says Gil Grisham, a North Carolina resident.

Grisham has his telescopes ready for the eclipse.

“When this one came up, it’s like how can you miss out, I mean you can’t stay at home and get 95 percent of it you have to go somewhere where you can get 100 percent and take pictures,” he says.

Grisham drove in from Garner, North Carolina to Spring City for those few minutes of totality.

“This was a little bit further to come then to South Carolina obviously, but I’ve been studying the weather reports for the last two weeks and this looks like the best spot,” he says.

Grisham is camping. John Swartz is renting a space to Grisham for $15.

Swartz says he’s letting people park and stay on his lot just for the eclipse and is awaiting 8 more cars from different states.

“Massachusetts; West Virginia; Kingston, Tennessee; Alabama; Georgia; Kentucky,” he says.

His lot looks like many in the neighborhood, taped off, either welcoming people in to park or asking for people to park elsewhere.

But he’s incorporated a little extra entertainment – corn-hole and food – adding to the excitement in his town.

“I’ve lived in spring city for 8 years, yeah, going on eight years, nine years and it just unbelievable that God picked my little town to do this in, you know, but it’s, it’s pretty awesome. I mean the whole town in gearing up for it,” Swartz says.


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