SpringHill Suites donation brings new art supplies to Battle Academy

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Springhill Suites of Chattanooga donated new art supplies to Battle Academy for a program to help bring art back to the schools.

Ben Montgomery, General Manager Springhill Suites of Chattanooga, “This is the sixth year that we’ve done art night here at our hotel and I’ve been fortunate enough to be here for the last several years. It’s… it’s a art initiative done by the Spring Hill Suites brand and fortunately we have a great leadership team 3h group hotels that really gets behind it.”

Ben Montgomery, “It’s awesome. Because once somebody sees you do something, they want to know what’s going on over there. And then when they come see it well how can we be a part. And that’s what’s awesome about Chattanooga. Everybody is just everybody wants to be a part of helping the community and helping kids.”

Melissa Hoesman, Art Teacher, Battle Academy, “I’m overwhelmed with that. Because I had no idea this even existed. Yet to hear that it’s benefited so many schools in so many ways, I’m just… just soaking it all in. I’m not sure what’s coming. And I’m just appreciative of whatever ends up at our school. And it’ll be used and distributed by any teachers (me, anyone that could use it) so it’s going to be very much appreciated.”

Melissa Hoesman, “It’s so great for them to see their art up. And see it in the public realm. Because usually when they’re done with art, they run off to a lunch or they run off to the playground. And when they see it like this, there’s a real reflective quality and also an appreciation for it that they didn’t quite get to grasp before they left. I want to do this more; even at school have more exhibit nights. And have art displayed more in a certain way that helps them to reflect and appreciate a little bit more.”

Ben Montgomery, “There’s not one person or one organization that benefits from save art. It’s whoever needs. It the only requirement is make sure they actually need it. And that… that’s it. As long as they need the help then Springhill allows us to help with them. And fortunately we found a great school in Battle Academy.”

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