Stage 4 Cancer Patient Needs Assistance After Losing Home to Fire

FLINTSTONE, GA (WDEF) – 69-year-old June Johnson is spending her time lately helping rebuild the home of her lifelong friend Tim Turner. Turner has stage 4 liver cancer and lost his home in a fire, and on the first day of his cancer treatment.

“I’m trying to salvage these boards so we don’t have to replace them,” she says.

Turner’s home is off Happy Valley Road in Flintstone, about 15 minutes from downtown Chattanooga. On July 6th, Turner woke up to the sounds of his home burning.

“That was his first radiation treatment. And he came home and wasn’t feeling good so he laid down and he woke up to a popping, a cracking sound and he got up and it was already in flames,” says his sister Iona Walker.

To protect the dignity of Tim, his family asked us to not share a current picture of him but they did share this picture of him from years ago, of happier times.

“It’s not easy. It’s not easy. You just go from day to day and deal with it,” says Walker. Friends say Tim was an independent and strong man. He fixed engines in his shed, the place they believe the fire started.

“Tim, being in the situation he is in, it’s especially hard. He was always working. Always working on cars. Always working on small engines,” says his childhood friend Frances Maxwell. So while Tim’s close friends and family try to rebuild his home, they are asking the community for support, specifically the gift of time from an electrician and other handymen.

“It sure would help. It would make all the difference in the world where he has his own bedroom to get his rest,” his sister says.

They are also fundraising through the Chattanooga Valley Church of the Nazarene through their website at Click on Give Back and then the Turner House Fire Fund. The church is also hosting a yard sale on November 13th from 9 to 2.

“This family needs help in many different areas. And so we are reaching out at this particular point to make a difference in their life,” says Chattanooga Valley Church of the Nazarene Associate Pastor Roger Hutcheson. The church phone number is 423-521-0861.

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