State releases TCAP scores for each school system

NASHVILLE (WDEF) – The Tennessee Department of Education has now released TCAP test scores for third grade ELA for each school system.

Lawmakers set up this test to judge whether students are ready to move up to the fourth grade.

Many of them have not.

For those who did not score high enough, their parents must now decide whether they will go to summer school, get a tutor for next year, or repeat the third grade.

“Providing districts, schools, and families with data about how their students are performing is essential,” said Commissioner Penny Schwinn. “I appreciate the dedication and ongoing efforts of Tennessee districts and schools as they work with families to help them choose the best pathway for their children and their future success.”

If your student scored “below” or “approaching” are being notified by their school district.

You can see all of the school systems by clicking here.

But we’ve pulled these area numbers for “below,” “approaching,” and “total proficiency” percentages:

Athens City Schools 23.68 33.16 43.16

Bledsoe County Schools 29.41 32.35 38.23

Bradley County Schools 15.37 36.87 47.75

Cleveland City Schools 31.67 35.71 32.62

Dayton City Schools 26.76 23.94 49.29

Etowah City Schools 16.28 39.53 44.18

Grundy County Schools 29.09 31.82 39.09

Hamilton County Schools 28.86 31.08 40.06

Marion County Schools 22.53 43.08 34.39

McMinn County Schools 29.6 37.69 32.71

Meigs County Schools 17.12 41.44 41.44

Polk County Schools 23.03 40.13 36.84

Rhea County Schools 19.84 40.48 39.68

Sequatchie County Schools 26.47 31.62 41.91

Dayton City And Bradley County schools lead our area for the highest percentage of 3rd graders achieving proficiency.

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