State Senate majority leader visits Cleveland

Cleveland, Tenn. (WDEF) — Senate majority leader Mark Norris of Collierville was in Cleveland today introducing his statewide LEAP program.

That stands for “Labor Education Alignment Program.”

It’s a cooperative effort between government, education and business to fill the “skills gaps” in the local workforce, while increasing the number of Tennesseans with post-secondary degrees.

After talks at Cleveland High and Walker Valley high, Norris visited with the staff at Hardwick clothes, which is one of the few clothing manufacturers remaining in the United States.

“Through LEAP, we call it the work, earn and learn component. So we can do internships now where students can get credit for their certificate or degree while on the job training and also get paid for that training. So,  its win, win, win–work, earn and learn and this is a great place for that,” says Senator Norris.

Senator Norris says the Tennessee Higher Education Commission is requesting a 20-million dollar grant for the LEAP program in the upcoming fiscal year.

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