Who is stealing flowers from Downtown Cleveland?

They have donated plants to Mainstreet Cleveland and even provided volunteers to plant the flowers.
But the flowers disappeared out of the planters.
So they replaced them.
And now many are missing again.
They have concluded that someone is stealing the flowers and pulling them up from their roots out of the planters.
Since they posted the thefts, some people have suggested it could be squirrels at work… digging out the planters to hide nuts.
But the Gardners say 21 plants have disappeared, and they seem to be targetting Zinias.
They don’t think squirrels are the culprits.
“We are in the process of trying to fix this but please if you see someone stealing plants or vandalizing planters please notify someone.”
But the most useful comment may have been this:
“Next time plant poison ivy it will help them standout in a crowd.”
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