Stop The Bleed teaches how to save lives

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) – Every day EMS and Firefighters give lifesaving medical care.

But sometimes they just can’t arrive to a scene in time.

So, what if trained citizens could begin procedures to control bleeding?

That’s what “Stop the Bleed – Save a Life” is all about.

Felipa Adame listens intently to the instructions on applying a tourniquet.

She’s got many reasons to attend this class today.

“I have five kids. And with them everything is very unpredictable, so it’s better to be ready than to be sorry.”

She’s already had some scary medical emergencies with her children.

“Not pretty, not a big thing, but yes, most of them involved blood, actually.”

Could she imagine doing such an extreme procedure with one of her kids?

“Hopefully not, but in case it happens I will be prepared.”

The Whitfield County EMA wants people to be prepared on how to use these devices, which are now becoming widely available as part of first aid kits, to help save someone’s life while waiting on emergency responders to arrive.

Deputy EMA Director of Whitfield County Jeff Ownby tells us “We just wanted to get the information out to the public about how to control that bleeding if something were to happen.

“It could be something at a shopping mall, unfortunately it could be an active threat type of event, but it also could be something at work or some type of accident with machinery or, it could really be anything.”

For Adame, when it comes to her kids, seconds count.

“Oh it’s a matter of seconds actually, from what I have heard right now, it – somebody can get into shock in less than a minute, depending on the blood loss, so yes, definitely.”


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