Stop Fracking Around Chattanooga

Chattanooga residents are collaborating to – in their words – attack the frack.

Activist Baris Gursakel created the facebook page ‘stop Fracking Around Chattanooga’.

"There’s a lot of information out there for people to find. There’s a lot of misinformation too, that’s been funding by the industry to fight some of the criticisms," he says.

Gursakel says the fight against fracking has just begun.

"I think that once people sift through enough information and do enough research they’ll figure out that the risks are real," he says.

Lisa Holt, co-founder of CineMATTERS, says there’s been an overwhelming response of residents who want to learn more about fracking.

The series kicks of Tuesday night with Gasland, a documentary about fracking.

"We decided to have that for our first film and within a week things just exploded. People came out of the woodwork to talk about fracking and there were meetings already happening, people already going to Nashville soliciting our legislators," she says.

Gursakel says so far the regulations are tailored for the industry.

"It could already be happening in Hamilton County but we don’t really have a way of knowing," he says.

And according to Gursakel, Fracking using 200,000 gallons of water doesn’t require a permit, or notification to neighbors, as long as it’s 500 feet away.

In Chattanooga, Brittany Shaw, WDEF NEWS 12.

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