Store clerk gets hand stuck in the safe

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga firefighters got an unusual call in Hixson on Tuesday night.

A clerk needed their help to get her arm back from a safe.

It happened at the Tiger Mart on Hixson Pike around 8:30 PM.

She got stuck in a money dispensing safe.

The clerk was trying to make sure the money she had put in was secure.

But her fingers got caught in the tumbler on the lock.

Fire crews used an endoscopic camera to get a look inside the safe.

They then got in touch with the company that makes the safe to see how to take it apart.

Crews had to cut away the counter, then cut into the back of the safe and remove the motor.

Three hours into the rescue, they had freed her fingers.

She was bruised, but not seriously injured.

The companies from Quint 16, Squad 19, Squad 7, USAR 1 and 2, Car 306, Car 44, Battalion 3, and Battalion 2 plus HCEMS Medic 14 all helped in the rescue.

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