Store designs shirts to honor Officer Galinger

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — A Tennessee Valley store is designing shirts in honor of Officer Nicholas Galinger.

Carrie Alexander, the manager at one of the Vinyl Turtle Boutique locations, is friends with Officer Galinger’s sister.

She designed a shirt in tribute to Officer Galinger and his family.

While on duty, Officer Galinger was hit and killed by a car in February.

The store is printing and selling the shirts, with all of the proceeds going to the Galinger Family Trust. 

Alexander thought it was important to do this.

“To let them know that somebody is looking out for them still here, so they don’t fall to the wayside. They always say when they come in town, they don’t feel the love at home the way they do here,” Alexander said.

“We donate all of the time to school’s and sports teams and so forth and this is probably one of our bigger projects that we’ve done of this magnitude of giving back,” said Ron Bolich, with Vinyl Turtle Boutique.

Organizers say orders have to be in by May 25.

If you are interested in ordering a shirt, click here.


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