Storm Damage: Tree falls on Falling Water family home

FALLING WATER, Tennessee (WDEF) – That storm that came through Hamilton county early this morning packed some high winds…and it took down some trees.

One of the worst hit areas was at the Falling Water community on Roberts Mill Road. It left one family with no home.

News 12’s Ashley Henderson shows us the damage and talks to the family.

“Five adults and two children were inside this home when this huge tree came down this morning about 6 am.”

Even though the tree went through the main beam holding up the roof, no one was injured. Erica Presley explains what happened.

“I woke up because the baby woke up, you know, she was hungry, and I was sitting there in the recliner feeding her and my mom was standing at the back door back here, and all of a sudden the tree came through the house and I thought it took my mom out, no lie, and so I started hollering for her and she came out of there waving dust everywhere, trying to get out of there, so luckily, we’re all ok., and uh, the house don’t look too ok though, but thank the Lord above we’re all ok though.”

The family has some relatives who are trying to help.

“I’m hoping that some of them will be able to come stay at my house for a little bit and help them clean this up.”

PRESLEY: “We got my cousin here now, he’s gonna, here in a little bit, he’s gonna try to get the tree off the house.”

The tree needs to be removed before the insurance claims agent can assess the damage. Meanwhile, the family is trying to get some help from the Red Cross.

“My mom, she’s down the road talking to Red Cross right now, so hopefully they’re going to help us out some.”

Ms. Presley has some advice for other homeowners with large trees near their homes:

“You got trees that are dead around your house, you’d better get them cut down, even if you ain’t got the money.”

WALKER: “I’m just glad they’re ok.”

The Presley home was not the only victim of storm damage in the neighborhood. Power lines were down to a house on the corner of Robert’s Mill and Jackson road. No one was hurt.

In Chattanooga, Ashley Henderson, News 12 Now.

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