More To The Story: Baseball Parents

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – An All-Star baseball team from Rivermont is in Mississippi this weekend.

Taking part in the “8 and Under” Dizzy Dean World Series. It’s certainly a great thing for the kids.

But as much joy as it brings, it takes a HUGE commitment from the parents and coaches.

Especially coming out of a pandemic.

News 12’s Dave Staley explains, in tonight’s edition of “More To The Story With Staley!”

Rivermont! One of the more popular ballparks in our area. The “8 and Under” All-Star team….the Blue ThunderWave……is running thru its final practice, before heading off to the World Series. Is it a fun time? You betcha baby!!

“It’s been the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. These kids are fantastic ballplayers and fantastic kids. it’s been such a good ride!”

And it’s been a LONG ride: the kids started their season in February. AND….it’s also a time consuming journey. For the coaches AND the Mom and Dad’s.

“Oh, it’s been a huge commitment. We are so furtunate here at Rivermont to have wonderful families. Everybody is on board, taking care of each other, making sure everybody’s doing the right thing. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

Make no mistake though, the experience will go down as one in the midst of COVID-19. But baseball is played outside. So last year, the kids could take to the field, unlike many other sports and businesses, for that matter!

“To my knowledge, back last summer, we were the only park that was full and playing a full season. I think that has a lot to do as to how we sprung forward to this year, and ultimately became so succesful. That’s because the kids got in some good baseball last year.”

On a regular basis, there seems to always be a lot of drama surrounding these All-Star teams. With coaches, parents…….who knows who. But I’m told that here at Rivermont, it’s simply not the case.

“It takes a village, right? That’s what we have here. Every kid is great. All the parents get along.”

Evan Hughes says to his knowledge, this is the first time a team from Rivermont has gone to the World Series in some 50 years. The Dizzy Dean organization chipped in with a few bucks. But most of the funding for this trip comes from local businesses…..and the parents. That’s another commitment that must be made.


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