Strides of March

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)-When you hear the term ‘The Ides of March,” it usually refers to the 74th day of the calendar year. It roughly translates to about March 15th. Today, in Renaissance Park, Cempa Community Care held the “Strides of March,” a fundraiser walk to help commemorate their fight against HIV and AIDS.

This year’s event is two years in the making, thanks to things shutting down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The people of Cempa believe that, just because we’re in the middle of one infectious disease, doesn’t mean you have to forget about those that we are still fighting.
“Other causes don’t stop when our country is hit with a worldwide pandemic. We still need to be vigilant and aware with education and raising money for these causes that we want to see end in our lifetime.”
“Our vision is to see this community without any infectious diseases, and I think that rings even stronger given what happened during the COVID pandemic.”
While there were plenty of people, several companies also came to support Cempa’s cause. Some of them even participated in the actual “Strides of March.” [chant here?] All of this helps to raise awareness and money that goes into Cempa’s efforts to reach the underserved community about HIV. Cempa and researchers everywhere still search for the final and best remedy.
“It would thrill me to no end not to have to raise money for HIV because we found a cure and that’s what the money goes to: to support the people who are affected by HIV and for research.”
“Chattanooga is built upon philanthropy and giving back, so this is a perfect opportunity. This is how all of us come together as a community. We’re so excited to get back out here today.”
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