Student accused of bullying girl to death facing possible criminal charges

POLK COUNTY, Tennessee(WDEF) –  The mother of the polk county girl who committed suicide last Friday says she plans to file a criminal complaint against one of the teenagers who physically bullied her daughter at Copper Basin Middle and High School.

Jazmine Harris committed suicide after her family said she endured a school season of repeated bullying from several students. Harris was the second student in two months at Copper Basin to commit suicide because of alleged bullying. Superintendent James Jones Jones told WDEF the district knew about the bullying but the students involved were never punished. But that may change now that a witness has come forward.

Angel Harris told WDEF the witness is a student who tried to stop a boy from kicking her daughter.

"All it took for me to get a witness to this was to drive to the other little boys house and ask him if he was there and if he saw it. He said yes; he recalls it and said it did happen. I asked him if the principal questioned him about the incident and he said no he was never asked about it," Harris said.

Harris is also preparing to file a civil lawsuit against the school district.

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