Students from all across the country compete in Robotics

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, most sports, school, and academic events had to be put on hold this year. 

Today, middle & high schools students from all over the United States were finally able to put their hard work and robotic skills to the test. 

“The entire end of last year’s season was cancelled.  The world competition that is normally in Dallas was cancelled. Everything went virtual. This event is really important to the kids because for some this is the only event they get to go to this year and really it’s their payoff of all of the hard work they have done,” Scott Rosenow, TN Valley Robotics.

 “ We have had to change plans time and time again but it has made us be a lot more adaptable,”says Jane Monahan, competitor.

Today’s competition was the largest in-person robotics event this year in TN. The event was held at the first Tennessee Pavilion which offers a large open air space to gather safely.  

Students say their robots are a team build and this year has made it difficult for all Of them to work together. 

“We have to wear masks like usual. We have to be safe and stay within 6 feet of distance at times. But me and my partner are from different schools so it has been a struggle meeting,” says Rithvik Siddenki, competitor.

Though this year may have been challenging, officials say seeing these students adapted and overcome so much-which will only better prepare them for the future. 

“We talk about workplace/soft skills all the time and how robotics can help students for future careers. The key things Are these 21st century skills: can students communicate well, can they collaborate with others , can they think creatively , can they think critically about what they are doing and think hey what do we need to do differently,” says Rosenow.

The competition abided by all CDC, state & local guidelines and was a huge success. 


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