Students and Widows Harvest Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s Legacy

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – More than 50 high school students from Alabama are celebrating the great legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Day just a little early with a day of service.

After driving more than two hours from Birmingham, Mountain Brook High School students are working hard to give back by helping repair a local widow’s home on Arlington Avenue.

“We’re painting the house," said Mountain Brook junior, Carolyn, "We’re doing some priming on the bricks, and then like the shudders and stuff, and now we’re painting.” Dozens of teens from the youth mission group partnered with Widows Harvest to work on the house for most of the day Saturday and Sunday.

“It’s really humbling because I don’t get to do all this stuff at home," said Carolyn, "Like my parents don’t let me do stuff like this. Like I can’t do it for my parents, so why not do it for someone else?”

Widows Harvest has worked in Chattanooga since 1987, as a faith-based non-profit organization, and now, every year, volunteers help more than 540 women. “They’re painting her trim," said project coordinator, Richard Mason, "The siding doesn’t look too, bad we washed it pretty good. So we’re painting all the brick, the shudders, the foundation and so it actually is looking pretty good so far.”

Later in the evening, the group of volunteers enjoyed a dinner with the homeowners, and other widows at the church. To learn more about or get involved with Widows Harvest click here.

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