Students at Dalton’s Brookwood Elementary School Dig for Civil War Artifacts

(WDEF)  Elementary students at Dalton’s Brookwood School now have a new hands-on way to learn about history.
     Local Civil War enthusiast Dr. William Blackman donated a part of his large collection of Civil War artifacts to the school’s dig site.
     He explained to the students what the objects are and how they were used by people so long ago.
     Once the artifacts are placed in the dig site…
     Students will learn about excavating a site to find keys to the past.
     Dr. Blackman explained, "We had 40,000 confederate troops here in Dalton in 1864 and they lived off the land and they left a lot of artifacts behind which we recover and use to learn what their life was like."
     Dr. Blackman said he wants the students to know Dalton’s rich Civil War history.
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