Students Paint Heroes Mural

The corner of Waugh and Pentz Street in Dalton has a new look to it.

Tom Lee, Morris Innovative High School Teacher said, "We started a new program where students really try to be authentic with their work. And what we did on the government side was teach about civil rights and Martin Luther King and those sorts of things." Students identified and painted 5 local heroes including Catherine Evans, Civil War General Joseph Johnston, Theresa Sosa, Bob Shaw and Curtis Rivers. Lee said, "You combine that with urban revitalization which so many of us, since this is an urban school, so many of us feel passionately about that. Chattanooga being just up the street, we’ve see what urban art does for a city, especially an inner city, and Dalton is trying to get into that."

Students feel a sense of pride for their hometown through these paintings. Vicki Rodriguez, Morris Innovative High School Senior said, "I liked how it represented Dalton. I was born and raised here, so it felt like I was giving back to a place that gave so much to me." Rodriguez and Elizabeth Hurta both agree that their favorite hero is Sosa. Rodriguez said, "If it weren’t for her to bring the Latin community here, I probably wouldn’t be here right now." Elizabeth Hurta, Morris Innovative High School Junior said, "As a hispanic, I’m very passionate about that. It’s something that as growing up, I’ve been a victim of racial actions, but its good to know that there is somebody that is actually speaking for us and has a voice for us."

The mural project partnered up with Kevin Bates who painted the faces on Frazier in Chattanooga.

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