Students participate in distracted driving cone course

RED BANK, Tenn. (WDEF) — Students at Red Bank High School got to see the dangers of distracted driving first hand.

On Thursday, Toniasia Strong was texting while driving a golf cart.

“We are trying not to hit the cones, but if we were on the streets it probably could have been a car,” Strong said.

This is all part of a distracted driving cone course today at Red Bank High School.

“I learned not to text and drive because if you put your head down for a split second it could change,” Strong said.

“I think it has been an eye opening experience for the students and the teachers. Our cones have really took a beating today,” said Sgt Rusty Aalberg, with the Red Bank Police Department.

Red Bank Police officers also highlighted other distractions.

“We have a passenger sitting beside them, another officer sitting beside them and while the officer is sitting beside them he will be engaging in conversation with them and trying to distract them, just giving them this in a controlled environment basically,” Sgt Aalberg said.

Hailee Young, a teacher at Red Bank High School, says this was a good exercise for students who don’t have their license yet.

“So especially me having ninth and tenth graders, a lot of them aren’t there but they are starting to learn how to drive and work on their permit. So I think this is definitely a great experience for those starting out,” Young said.

In addition to texting and driving, students wore drunk goggles and saw a rollover demonstration where an unbuckled dummy flies out of the car.

Back on the course students, like Jadon Roberts, got the message.

“Driving really fast and being on your phone is not a pleasant thing,” Roberts said.

“Pull over to the side of the road. It doesn’t take just a moment to do that,” Sgt Aalberg said.

Strong will soon get her permit and be on the road.

“I have never tried to drive with my phone in my hand and now that I have tried, I don’t want to do it,” Strong said.

The Red Bank Police say Department uses a traffic safety grant to help them put on events like this one.

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