Students, teachers, staff wear blue for injured Dade County Major

DADE COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) – Blue line Law enforcement flags and blue bows lined main street on Tuesday.

You could even see a touch of blue at the Dade County High School softball game, one week after Dade County Major Tommy Bradford was injured trying to stop a high-speed chase in his community.

“The high school girls wanted to do something to show that they appreciate his sacrifice. So they chose to do the blue ribbons in their hair. So each one of them has a blue ribbon in their hair in honor of Major Tommy Bradford,” Dade Elementary Principal Tracy Blevins said.

Teachers, staff and students wore blue, and It was all for Major Tommy Bradford.

“I think it’s great to show that we care about him,” Blevins said.

The school system is also honoring Bradford through a character pledge.

The pledge reads “I, _______, do hereby pledge to live a life of Character. I solemnly promise top seek knowledge, use self-control, be ethical, be a visionary leader, show humility, seek counsel, and be understanding of others. I promise to set an example to those around me by living a life of integrity.”

“This pledge is in honor of Chief Deputy Tommy Bradford who demonstrated the true meaning of Character on August 7, 2018, as he helped protect the lives of Dade County Citizens.”

The students can sign the pledge and get a bracelet that reads “Character Makes Me Strong!”

“Character made him strong,” Dade County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jan Harris said. “He is a leader. He knew exactly what to do. He had the knowledge he had the character to lead in a time of emergency and he protected, there’s no telling how many people he protected that afternoon when he stood in the line of danger on our behalf.”

Local businesses have shown their support too.

Last week, JB’s Variety Store decided they would start selling black and blue bows and blue line flags with half the proceeds going to Major Bradford’s account set up at the Bank of Dade.

Store owner, Barbie Evans sadi since then they’ve sold around 200 flags and around 300 bows.

“We’re a small town and a lot of people know each other. He’s a regular and we just wanted to be able to give back,” Evans said.

The shop even had thank you cards for customers to sign.

They will go to Major Bradford.

One person wrote, “thank you so much Officer Bradford! It really means so much to us that you would risk your life to keep us safe!”

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