Subpoenas Issued To Haslam, Corker, Others Before NLRB Hearing on Volkswagen Union Vote

Lawyers with the United Auto Workers union issued subpoenas Wednesday for Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, U.S. Senator Bob Corker, and key members of the Haslam administration to testify at an upcoming hearing over the union’s efforts to organize the Chattanooga Volkswagen plant.

The subpoenas demand Haslam, Corker and others provide evidence and confidential documents concerning incentives offered to V-W to build a new S-U-V here prior to February’s union vote.

The UAW lost that election 712-626.

The union alleges Republican politicians interfered with a fair outcome.

House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick and State Senator Bo Watson also received subpoenas to testify at the April 21st hearing.

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