Summer Football Camps Provide Good Measuring Stick For Bradley Central QB Cole Copeland

Cleveland, TN-(WDEF) Summer football camps have turned into big recruiting tools for colleges in recent years, just ask Bradley Central quarterback Cole Copeland.
The upcoming senior has been invited to several camps.
Copeland and Bears head coach Damon Floyd give us a glimpse of what these camps are really all about.
Many of the summer football camps feel like a mini pro combine.
Said Floyd-“They get a chance to measure you. See how much you weigh. See how fast you are. How hard you throw the ball. How you compete. Basically they get all the evaluation they need to find out if they want to recruit you.”
Said Copeland-“Just the zip on the ball. How fast it gets there. How you compete. There are all kinds of athletes there that can play. Just see how you compete with them the best of the best.”
Added Floyd-“Our kids come back with some experience. Then they also get to see where they measure up against some other kids around the area and really around the nation. Sometimes it’s a positive experience, and sometimes it may not be where they want to be. It lets them know where they’re at.”
Copeland jokes there’s one group of players he doesn’t want to stack up against.
Said Copeland-“I don’t like seeing the defensive linemen because I don’t like knowing that they’re going to be coming after me or anything. Kind of nerve wracking a little bit.”
Besides picking up some new techniques, Copeland says just meeting so many coaches is tremendous.
Said Copeland-“That’s probably the best part. The relationships. That’s what football is really all about. Just relationships.”
Last year, Copeland attended the Manning Passing Academy.
While it’s not a recruiting camp, Copeland says it was certainly beneficial.
Said Copeland-“So much knowledge in one place. You just soak it up. It’s so neat to just be there. Being around Peyton and Eli and all the college quarterbacks.”
Added Floyd-“The big part of the deal with that was getting around other people with some of the best quarterbacks in the nation and see how he stacked up. So I think he came back realizing he is one of the best in the nation.”
Perhaps the key to summer football camps is pacing yourself.
Said Copeland-“It gets tiring because you have to run the forty pretty much every camp and the shuttle and everything. You’re throwing every day. So yeah, it gets a little tiring, but I mean, you’ve got to do it.”

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