Supermarket Guru For the Week of 7/21


Hi, I’m Phil Lempert with the New Product Hits & Misses. In honor of July being Ice Cream Month, today we’re having an Ice Cream Party.


Up first, Smucker’s Magic Shell

Chocolate Pretzel is a MISS.

This is an old idea that everyone seems to try. The original Elmer’s Goldbrick is still the best! The directions for this needs to be followed exactly, otherwise it’s a disaster. Turn the bottle upside down and shake vigorously for at least twenty seconds. The product separates otherwise. It does taste like cheap chocolate with a hint of pretzel. Two tablespoons are a whopping 216 calories and 16 grams of fat, so I’m not sure why you would want to add this to ice cream that probably has less of both – this brings little to the ice cream party.  Retails for $3.89 for 7.25 oz.  Total Score is 62.


Klondike Kandy Bars Cookies & Cream.

I’m a fan of Klondike Bars. This Cookies & Cream version is very tasty, but frankly it needs some improvement. The white outer shell is a bit too hard and actually masks the great flavor of the Klondike low fat ice cream. The layer of fudge sauce is barely discernible and for most people the size of the bar is too long and can create a mess, unless you eat it in the wrapper. Why not just put it on a stick or make them in bite sized pieces?  Retails for $3.59 for 12 oz (4 pack).  Total Score is 75.


Buzz Bar Bourbon St Chocolate is a hit.

I know you’re thinking this is a novelty to just buy once, however you would be wrong. The chocolate and the ice cream are absolutely delicious and the ratio between the coating and inside is perfect. Now comes the whiskey part – even though it only has 1.6% alcohol by volume you can actually taste the whiskey, which by the way, is the number one ingredient. The drawback is all about the cost – at $7 a bar. And as they say on the package repeatedly, this is not for kids. It’s the equivalent of about $25 for a one ounce shot of whiskey.  Retails for $7 for 3.4 oz.  Total score is 88.

Pro Yo Premium Banana Vanilla is a hit.

I’m not typically a fan of frozen yogurt, but this one has changed my mind. The mouth feel is as creamy as a high fat ice cream and the banana vanilla flavor, made from banana puree, vanilla extract and vanilla beans, is sensational. One tube, which is 4 ounces is just 160 calories, 2 grams of fat and 14 grams of sugars and has 20 grams of protein. Loaded with probiotics that are all listed by name in the ingredients.  Retails for $7.49 for 12 fl oz (3 pack).  Total Score is 91.


Breyers Gelato Indulgences Vanilla Caramel is the hit of the week.

Breyers new gelato is actually imported from Italy, which is probably why it’s so good. The gelato itself is nice and creamy and the caramel swirls and caramel shavings on top make a beautiful and delicious presentation. You’ll want to save this for company, but don’t – use it to treat yourself. Half a cup is just 4 1/2 grams of fat and 21 grams of sugars.  Retails for $4.49 for 28 oz.  Total score is 92.

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