Supermarket Guru for Week of August 17th

Belgian Boys Choco Stroopwafel Caramel & Milk Chocolate is a HIT.
Take a bite and smile. Milk chocolate with a layer of caramel enrobing a thin waffle – this is so sweet! No, I mean "sugary sweet." I’d like the waffle to be a bit crisper, but I imagine the caramel softens it up a bit. One waffle is 208 calories, 10 grams of fat almost 20 grams of sugars. What I think would make this even better is switching to dark chocolate! Retails for $1.29 for 1.5 oz. Total Score is 85.

BeeSting® SíRacha Chili Sauce Quasi-Thai is a HIT.
This is kinda funny. They make a big deal on how it is imported, and talk about the"true name" coming from the coastal Thailand town – SiRacha; but it is imported from Costa Rica. What I really like is how they list the percentages of each major ingredient’s content. How does it taste? It’s a fiery hot quick burn on the palate. I don’t really taste the sweet note at all. One teaspoonful is zero calories, zero fat and one gram of sugars from the added honey and cane sugar. Retails for $3.99 for 10 oz. Total Score is 88.

Flatout Flatbread ProteinUP, CarbDown Red Pepper Hummus is a HIT.
Smart and delicious idea. A wrap with flavor and 12 grams of protein. Just 130 calories, less than a gram of sugars but does have 300 mg of sodium. The red pepper has a nice mild burn and will not overpower the foods you put inside, it just complements. Perfect for eggs, tuna, turkey anything that you want to add a bit of flavor. The wrap itself is the perfect thickness without being chewy. Retails for $3.25 for 10 oz. (5 wraps).

Tradewinds Jimmy Buffett’s Island Tea Peach Mango Black Tea is a HIT.
Normally I drink my iced tea plain – however this one is so good I’ll make an exception. Made with a blend of real sugar and stevia – no HFCS or artificial sweeteners here. The peach mango aroma and flavor is perfect – tastes like eating a peach in one hand and a mango in the other. The bottle is just 110 calories, but does have 30 grams of sugars. Just in time for summer! Retails for $1.69 for 18.5 fl oz. Total Score is 92.

Ladera Granola Original Almond Pecan is my PICK OF THE WEEK.
Granola is just getting better and better, and this is one of the best! Whole grain oats and almonds roasted in a blend of olive oil and maple syrup. The granola is flavorful and has a great mouth feel – not too crunchy like some that you are afraid you’ll break a tooth! Their secret? Roasting at low temperature. One-quarter cup is 140 calories, 9 grams of fat, 3 grams of sugars and 3 grams of protein. Retails for $7.99 for 12 oz. Total score is 93.

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