Supreme Court Upholds Public Prayer

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – You’ll continue to hear prayers before council meetings in Hamilton County.

That’s because the Supreme Court ruled in favor of them on Monday.

The court said in a five to four decision that these prayers do not violate the constitution, even if they are usually Christian.

Jeffery Adamson, a resident, says, "I think that’s a good thing. We got to keep God in our families. We got to raise our kids in a Godly manner. If we don’t set the example for them, things are not going to work out in the future."

While that father considers the Supreme Court’s decision a win, others like Robin Flores, do not.

Flores adds, "I actually expected it based upon the Obama Administration’s support."

Flores represents two Chattanooga students who filed suit against the county two years ago, saying they’d rather have a moment of silence instead of prayer.

Brandon Jones, one student who filed suit, says, "We don’t want to take anybody’s right to pray away. You know, we think with a moment of silence you’d have more prayer than ever before."

Now, Flores tells us that this Supreme Court ruling will not put an end to their suit.

Flores adds, "We’re going to continue on. The defendants may turn around a file for a summary judgement."

Flores says even though the justices sided with prayer, they all had different reasons for doing so.

Flores adds, "This justice says its okay for this reason, this justice says it’s okay for that reason.

And that, Flores says, could help cases move forward in the future.

"It’s probably not going to be the final word. I think eventually this case is going to wind up and cases like it are going to wind up going to the Supreme Court based upon that difference in opinion from the justices and the majority in this case," according to Flores.

Since Brandon Jones and Tommy Coleman filed suit, Hamilton County has opened the door to invocations from any religious group.

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