Surviving victim testifies in triple homicide trial

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — The trial for one of the men accused in the April 2014 Lookout Valley triple homicide, is well underway.

People who testified on Wednesday in Derek Morse’s trial, included the person who performed the autopsy on the victims, a trooper who responded to the scene and discovered the bodies, and the lone surviving victim of the shooting.

Morse listened on to testimony from Matt Callan, the surviving victim of the shooting. Morse is accused of killing Caleb Boozer, Jon Morris and John Lang.

Right before the shooting, Callan says he saw a black car.

“The car stopped. Derek was in the back seat. Looked right at John and then there was a hesitation then went back down and grabbed a rifle. We didn’t know was a riffle at the time, I didn’t see the barrel of, I thought it was a pellet gun. I told everybody to run and then the shooting happened,” Callan said.

Callan says he saw Morse get out of the vehicle.

“Like he stared right at John. He stared at him for a minute. He hesitated just looking at each other and he went back down and grabbed a riffle,” he said.

When the shots were fired, Callan took off running.

“When I got shot it kind of launched me off my feet, because I was in a sprint. I fell face forward and I was laying in the ground.”

Callan says Morse spoke before he left.

“Derek said ‘Make sure they are all dead.'”

“Did you see him say that?” a lawyer asked.

“Yep, I was looking right at him when he said that.”

Callan says he ran to his house where his mother called 911. The defense attorney asked if Callan ever identified Morse as a suspect because others said it was him.

“No I have never said that. I never said it was Derek because everybody kept telling me to. I identified him because when I saw the picture it was flash back from everything all over again.”

Callan’s statement from a preliminary hearing was then read out loud.

“They took down your response. ‘I identified Derek because everybody kept saying it was Derek and then I was like it kind of looked like Derek, but it was like his facial hair looked different.'”

There are two other suspects in the case, but Morse is the only one on trial right now.

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