Sweetens Cove Breaks the Mold in Becoming Popular Golf Destination

South Pittsburg, TN-(WDEF-TV) The Sweetens Cove golf course in South Pittsburg was built in 2014. The courses’ reputation quickly gained traction on social media and in national publications. The next thing you know, developer Rob Collins saw his nine hole course become one of America’s most popular golfing attractions.

To see great potential, it often takes a bold vision
Said Collins:”We did tell our client that our goal was to build the best nine hole golf course in the world.”
And Sweetens Cove has become a world golf attraction.
Said Collins:”We even had a guy come from Australia just to play here.”
In 2019, Golfweek ranked Sweetens Cove the 49th best modern course in America.
And remember, it’s only nine holes with a shed for a clubhouse.
Said Collins:”That’s one of the most exciting things about Sweetens Cove is how it has broken the mold and destroyed a lot of the conventional wisdom that goes around golf architecture and golf development where you have to have some big splashy clubhouse, and this really expensive food and beverage operation and all this stuff. Sweetens Cove has proved that you don’t need those things. I mean right now we are booked out over a month in advance during the weekday and about three months in advance on the weekends. I think the greens set this place apart. I mean we have some pretty wild contours on the greens out here that we are known for. And there’s some whimsical stuff out here, and you can attempt shots that you can’t try elsewhere. That brings out kind of the kid in you and brings out the fun factor.”
Talk about fun and whimsical. Take this deck.
Said Collins:”We are standing behind the 9th green at Sweetens Cove Golf Clulb, and this deck I’m standing on is nicknamed the ‘Heckle Deck’ because it has this natural amphitheater, and we can turn around and yell at these people coming in on the 9th hole and make fun of them if they hit it in the sand or cheer for them if they get a hole-in-one. We’ve had a lot of hole-in-ones out here too.”
Sweetens Cove has even scored some famous investors like Andy Roddick and Peyton Manning.
Said Collins:”The hype surrounding it and everything that has happened has definitely blown away my expectations.”(chuckles)

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