Sweetens Cove Golf Club in South Pittsburg Receiving National Accolades

South Pittsburg, TN-(WDEF-TV) The Sweetens Cove Golf Club in South Pittsburg is just a nine hole course, but that hasn’t stop it from being ranked among the top courses in America. Sweetens Cove sits where the Sequatchie Valley Golf and Country Club used to be. It opened in 2014, and it’s unlike any course in the area.
Co-founder and course architect Rob Collins gives us a tour.

Said Collins:”We really just kind of tried to do something extremely unique for this area, and we built an inland links golf course. It’s also interestingly inspired by the original version of Augusta National. Has wide open fairways. Big wild greens. Number four has the largest green in the state at 20,000 square feet. It’s ninety yards from back to front, and it’s basically like a gigantic rumpled football field.”
Reporter:”What do you think golfers will notice right away when they come out here?”
Said Collins:”Well the physical beauty of the surroundings and the uniqueness of the golf course. The big greens. The big waste bunkers. And just the physical beauty of this valley is truly stunning. The golden hours out here in the afternoon are just extraordinary. It’s almost like the light is coming up out of the ground radiating through the cove. It’s just a stunningly beautiful part of the country. In 2016 we rated as the number one public golf course by Golfweek in the state of Tennessee, and then in 2017 we held that ranking, but we jumped into the national rankings at number 59 of the top 100 modern. Then this year we moved up to number 50 in the top 100 modern.”
Reporter:”What is it about this course that people may feel like they’ll have some fun?”
Said Collins:”Well it’s really wide and forgiving off the tees. It’s not going to kill you with length. You’re not going to lose golf balls out here. That’s a very tedious endeavor, and the greens are just really interesting. It’s all about finding the right place to come in. It’s fun because you always have options. I’m not as the architect dictating to you how to play the golf course. It’s up to you as the player to figure that out.”

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