Taco Tour of Rossville Boulevard

ROSSVLLE (WDEF)- During the last two weeks of September people can get a taco for just two dollars and fifty cents from seven different restaurants including Miss G’s.

“It’s a great occasion to bring all these Hispanic people together and invite American people to see how Hispanic people enjoy the time with tacos,” said owner of Miss G’s Guillermina Solana-Chala.

Miss G’s open back in 2017 and has been part of the Rossville Boulevard revitalization.

“My friends say are you crazy you’re not gonna make it. Especially in this area. This place. But I’ve been working hard, me and then other people behind me, and I make it,” said Solana-Chala.

Director of the boulevard project Heather Herweyer said this taco tour is a great example of how the Hispanic community has come together to support one another.

“We have a really incredible And entrepreneurial Hispanic community here however our quarter has historically had a bad reputation. So we want people to know that this is a safe place for people to come and we have a lot of great assets that you should come and enjoy. So we hope to just contribute to the economic vitality to the corridor,” said Herweyer.

They say being part of something bigger than themselves is meaningful and rewarding.

“The people have to recognize we can live together in peace because it’s bringing money into the area it’s for people to come and help us,” said Solana-Chala.

“We’ve been working on beautification improvements. We’ve had several murals, the traffic box control artwork. Work with the city to have some infrastructure improvements and also working to organize our local businesses,” said Herweyer.

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