Take a Ride on the Summerville Steam Special

     The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum offers a variety of train trips throughout our region in the fall.
     Tonight we’re taking a ride on the Summerville Steam Special.
     And our conductor is videographer Ashley Henderson.. Who went along for the ride last weekend.

– Train Bell – This is our Somerville steam special one of the many trips that we offer from the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and this is been our series of autumn specials from Chattanooga the Somerville Georgia. We been running the since early in October and on the weekends only have one more trip November 8 and that of the actually a doubleheader will have both of our steam locomotives at the same time so that special thing that will be doing but it will be our standard trip down the Somerville Georgia and all day trip. Now sitting for lunch. – Xylophone music – most the tickets included dining car luncheon and this is been one of our autumn trips we been running a different series of trips since 1968. This the first time today and it’s been great, enjoyed it. It was all my wife idea she dragged me out of the house. It’s something I’ve been want to do for a long time, rather train. Other than a subway, so here I am. It’s nice and? I like to hear the whistle. – Train whistle – the city of Summerville about 10 years ago install the turntable for our use were able to run our steam locomotive down to their town and they turn this steam locomotive on their hundred foot turntable and that’s been a big help to us and their a great host prior trips. They usually have some sort of community Festival on the Saturday trips down there. – Music – it is a special event when you have a steam locomotive operating there’s just so much to see and hear it really does it’s a full experience and not only does it bring people out to ride the train but it brings people out to watch it and to go out and take pictures and video and you are obligated if you’re on the train you have to wait to people outside of the train in their obligated way back to you. So you have that common bond with a steam engine it’s a lot of fun. That was amazing because you know I would’ve thought out of the ordinary that anyone would you stand beside the road and click pictures of a train going by you now. I had a wonderful time. I met a lot of interesting peoples the food was good. People on the side of the railroad taking pictures reminds me of when I was working. I don’t care what kind of train you his own people just like to see trains go by the bring their kids out there and everybody ways of the train. You know is like commitment crime if you don’t wave back you get away but everybody. They think you are not being cordial or nice if you don’t wave back at them. – Train whistle –

     The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum today announced a new ride for the upcoming holiday season.
     The North Pole limited begins on November 29th.
     Take the kids along for storytelling… Holiday lights.. And a visit from Santa.
     Tickets go on sale on November 21st.

     More details at the TVRM.

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