Take a look inside a Rossville tornado shelter

ROSSVILLE, Georgia (WDEF) – The Owners of the Mountain View Estate mobile home community gives News 12 an inside look at their disaster relief shelter.

That shelter in Rossville could save lives.

Owner David Roden and his wife invested 100-thousand dollars into an advanced shelter pod after the 2011 tornadoes here in the southeast.

Roden says he realized that the Mountain View properties just can’t take a direct hit from a major storm.

Since installing the shelter, it’s made a significant impact to that community.

“Sunday night we used it twice. So it’s one of those things it’s like an insurance policy. You hope you never have to use it but if you need it it’s there. The community loves it. When the weather man says if you’re in a Mobile home ‘get out now seek shelter’ now they have a place to go.”

The shelter pod can hold up to 200 people.

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