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Urban League of Greater Chattanooga and city leaders met Friday morning to announce their tax assistance program. The program will help low to moderate income individuals and families prepare their taxes electronically.

The tax assistance service has been providing the Scenic City with valuable information for a decade at several different sites. This year the program will be offered at the Highland Center. Warren Logan, Urban League of Greater Chattanooga President said, "This site is basically in lieu of the site that we’ve had normally at East Gate Mall." The program will offer free walk-in tax preparation services through its Volunteer Tax Assistance to qualified taxpayers. Diane Jarvis, United Way 211 said, "A lot of people that may not be getting the money they thought, maybe they were going to get more money on their tax return. They are going to save money by getting it done free." The IRS has new requirements for taxpayers to verify that they have medical insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Jarvis said, "We can tell them about the Affordable Care Act and what that means to having their taxes done because a lot of people are confused about that. We can also tell them about the earned income credit which a lot of people don’t understand."

The community program serves as a financial boost for low to moderate income individuals and families. Volunteers will prepare and file taxes for individuals that had an income of less than 53-thousand dollars. Logan said, "What they will do is just bring the information that is required for their tax returns which is really the W-2, their drivers license, their social security cards." Once taxes are filed, refunds can be deposited directly into the taxpayer’s bank account."  The program is free to citizens in Chattanooga, Hamilton county and the Cleveland area. For more information on sites call City’s 3-1-1, United Way 2-1-1 or Urban League 423-756-1762. You can also visit:

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