Tax Season Warning

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) It’s been called the most miserable tax season ever.

2015 is full of growing or new problems you could run into, even if you’ve already filed.

The tax filing deadline is approaching and Better Business Beureau Director Jim Winsett says every day you put it off, you put yourself more at risk for identity theft.

Winsett says, "So many people are finding out that taxes have been filed already in their name, and that’s a result of identity theft."

He says identity thieves get ahold of your social security number, your name, and other personal information. They create a fake W-2 and file a false claim to get your money.

But that’s not the only land-mine lirking in the world of receipts, documents, and W-4’s.

H&R Block Agent Diana Jacobsen says many people that signed up for the Affordable Care are finding out they owe more money if their income increased after enrolling for the health insurance in 2013.

She says, "If they made more in 2014 and didn’t notify ACT that they had made more, then they might have to pay for the assistance back. It was called a subsidy."

And even after you file scammers are constantly trying to intimidate you to give them your hard earned money.

She says, "That they owe back taxes and if they don’t pay right away, if they don’t settle this debt that they’ll have them arrested."

To make matters worse. If you do find yourself in trouble, Winsett says it’s going to be harder than ever this year to get help.

He says, "The IRS has announced that they’re not structured to have the resources and the staff to assist people to the level they’ve been used to in years past."

More people are using the website and email to ask questions or going to places like H&R Block to deal with the IRS for them; for a fee of course.

Winsett says the IRS will never contact you by phone to say you owe money.

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