TBI Launches “It Has to Stop” Campaign

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – When it comes to stopping human trafficking, Tennessee ranks at the top of the list in this country.
Yet, there are millions of people who don’t even know what human trafficking is.
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation wants to change that and it’s using an innovative way to do so.

PSA "It happens every day. Every two minutes. Someone buys a child for sex."

Chances are you’ll be seeing that public service announcement a lot in the next few months. It was created by the TBI to raise awareness of Human Trafficking in Tennessee. Yes, the city does have a lot of it, usually teen and pre-teen victims who are at risk and without a clear escape route.

VALERIE RADU "A lot of times its juveniles who are vulnerable because they have been assaulted in their home and their community and so they become scared and they run away…could be kids who are in foster care."

The "It Has To Stop" campaign follows action in 2013 by the state legislature to punish traffickers and decriminalize prostitution among minors.
Sometimes the best thing that can happen to one of these young victims, is to get arrested.

VALERIE RADU "They actually are finally identified, hopefully, correctly as a victim of human trafficking and they can have access to a lot of services to recover from that experience."

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