TBI to investigate Red Bank police officer Mark Kaylor

RED BANK, Tennessee(WDEF) -The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will investigate the video beating of an unarmed suspect by Red Bank police officer Mark Kaylor.

District Attorney General, Neal Pinkston Released this statement:

I have requested the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation investigate the actions depicted in the April 13, 2014 video capturing events leading up to and including the arrest of Candido Medina Resendiz by the Red Bank Police Department. In addition, the request seeks an investigative review into the circumstances surrounding the availability of the video at the defendant’s preliminary hearing at Red Bank Municipal Court and at subsequent stages of the criminal justice process.

Officer Kaylor was seen on his squad car dash-cam punching Medina-Resendiz seven times while two other officers were on top of him.

But during a July 7 court hearing in Red Bank, Candido Medina Resendiz’s former defense attorney asked officer Mark Kaylor about a subpoena for that video.

WDEF obtained a copy of the audio recording from that hearing.

Medina-Resendiz’s former defense attorney, Joshua Weiss-
"There is a video that I requested. And I accepted the subpoena. Did you ever see this document?"

Officer Kaylor-
"Yes sir I did."

Joshua Weiss-
"And were you able to provide me a copy of the video?"

Officer Kaylor-
"No sir."

Kaylor told the court that only administrators have access to dash-cam video. Then he made this statement:

"I did not have video of myself."

"Did you see to it that this subpoena made it to someone else?"

Officer Kaylor-
"No sir."

"Why not?"

Officer Kaylor-
"Because it was directed to me for any video that I have. I don’t have any video."

Kaylor told the judge he not only refused to pass the subpoena off to an administrator but that he didn’t have access to the video. But later in his testimony he makes a startling admission after telling the court that his access to video was limited.

Joshua Weiss-
"Were you able to view the video?

Officer Kaylor-

The hearing was was bound over to criminal court despite video evidence not being admitted in the preliminary hearing.

Then on Wednesday, the district attorney’s officer announced that the case will go to a grand jury to determine if there is enough evidence to take the case against Medina-Resendiz any further.

Medina-Resendiz was charged with DUI by consent, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.

He was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over by Mark Kaylor on suspicion of DUI.

When the driver of the vehicle failed the sobriety test, Medina-Resendiz reportedly got out of the car and officers began to take him into custody.

He didn’t speak English and his attorneys say he didn’t understand what the officers were yelling at him.

On the video recording, Medina-Resendiz is seen wrestled to the ground then tased several times.

The video eventually showed, Officer Kaylor lay on top of the suspect and punch him seven times to the back of the head.

Medina-Resendiz’s attorneys believe those punches caused their clients face to hit against the asphalt.

The incident resulted in Medina-Resendiz having a fractured skull.

A police internal affairs investigation exonerated Kaylor on the accusation of excessive force.

On Tuesday, WDEF learned that Kaylor was in line for a promotion that would make him a sergeant.

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