TDFN: Walker Valley at Cleveland

Tennessee Valley (WDEF) — While Gibson has provided plenty of thrills, the Mustangs still haven’t enjoyed the thrill of victory. They were hoping to change that tonight as they took on rival Cleveland.

Cleveland came out pumped and ready to go against Walker Valley, whose fans were hoping their team could get a head in the game but Cleveland quieted the crowd quickly.

The Blue Raiders defense came out and laid the wood.

Treasure Johnson put the mustangs on notice that it wouldn’t be easy tonight.

Mustangs against the wall, they are going for it on 4th and 14. But guess what? The gamble paid off.

Kolton Gibson tosses one up to Zeke Westfield who goes up and gets it, and is in the end zone.

But wait.. stop the celebration.. the one was coming back. Refs say Westfield pushed off, forcing a Walker Valley punt.

In Cleveland’s first offensive possession of the night, disaster strikes! The snap goes twenty yards back, but luckily Kellye Cawood falls on it, giving the Blue Raiders another chance.

They took full advantage of that chance as Micaleous Elder takes the handoff and races his way through the mustang defense. He then runs it for thirty yards setting up a manageable 4th down gamble.

The Raiders say they take that bet. They line up and fake the punt. They hit the jackpot as Cody Matthews sprints towards the endzone, and gets Cleveland into the redzone.. demoralizing the Walker Valley defense!

Raiders cap off that drive when the fastest man on the field doesn’t need to use his speed. Keegan Jones steps on the hearts of the Mustangs and powers his way into the end zone.

The Blue Raiders leave Walker Valley winless.

Final score of Cleveland 67-47.

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