TDOT worker injured in I-24 crash

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Tennessee Department of Transportation is urging motorists to pay attention while driving after a worker was injured on the job.

On Monday afternoon, a TDOT HELP supervisor was pulled over in his vehicle on the shoulder of I-24 when he was hit by a truck. The impact knocked it into a grassy area.

“And he had to be extricated from the vehicle. The crash was so violent it took them several hours to get him out of the vehicle,” said Jennifer Flynn, the TDOT Community Relations Officer for Region 2.

The man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. He has several broken bones.

“Looking at the truck and just knowing the violence of this crash, he is very fortunate to be alive. Whenever something happens to one of our employees it just really hits home with everyone at TDOT. Because we are just out there doing our jobs and trying to make the roadways safer and better for Tennesseans. And it is just unfortunate,” Flynn said.

Three TDOT workers were killed last year in the line of duty.

“All they were doing was doing their jobs and they were struck by motorists on the side of the road so that is just entirely unacceptable,” Flynn said.

Last week TDOT launched a campaign called Work With Us. It urges people to drive slow or move over when they see workers.

“We just want the motoring public to work with us and just drive when you are out there and pay attention,” Flynn said.

TDOT officials hope something like this doesn’t happen again.

“Let our people go home and don’t make them go through what our HELP supervisor went through yesterday,” she said.

And they are asking the public to work with them.

“We will do our part to be visible while we are out there working. And if you do your part to pay attention when you are driving, we can all get home safely.”

For more information about Work With Us, click here.

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